Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forensic Science Project Part II: Hair/Fiber

Picture and labeled parts of a complete hair
Hair Diagram

Hair is the most common type of physical evidence. Hair has many various parts to it such as papilla, root sheath, hair shaft, medulla and each part has a specific job to create the human hair. Hair is a thin fine like strand that grows throughout the skin. Hair can be found in many places but the head most importantly. Here’s a joke to spice up the hair follicle structure  The Sunday School teacher asked if any of the children's parents had quoted from the Bible in the past week. Little Timmy paused, but then spoke up, 'My daddy doesn't have any hair on his head. Daddy says that God put hair on everything that he was ashamed of.” The human hair structure has an abundant of parts that consists of it. Hair extends through the bulb and continues out as a shaft. The shaft terminates at the tip of the human hair. Forensic scientist students need to know that the shaft is the most observed part of the human hair. The shaft contains of three parts cuticle, medulla, and  cortex. There are also cuticle patterns such as coronal, spinous, and imbricate. The coronal is shaped like crown or has zig zaggy stacked cups. The spinous is shaped like triangle shaped scales that is going upward.
The medulla is the inner part of the hair strand made up of connected cells which are called keratin. The medulla is presented at the top of hair diagram. However, there are different classifications of the medulla including fragmented, discontinuous/Intermittent, continuous, and absent. The fragmented part is broken up into small sections and not all the same sizes. The discontinuous /Intermittent is presented with longer segments of the hair with a lot more space in between. The continuous of course does not break it keeps continuing in the medulla. The absent part is when there is no medulla presented in the hair strand. Forensic scientist students need to remember that the medulla is another part of the hair structure it is broken down or classified to get a better understanding of the Medulla.
Lastly, the cortex is between the cuticle and the medulla. The cortex is made up of cells that are in a tampered at each end and is parallel to the length of the hair. They are many other structures of the hair that consists of the papilla, root sheath, bulge, and matrix. The papilla has connective tissue and is at the base of the hair follicle.
The root sheath has two parts to it internal and external. The internal root sheath consists of three parts Henle’s parts, Huxley’s parts, and contains an internal cuticle. The bulge of the hair strand is on the outer root sheath near the pill muscle and it creates new cells in the hair follicle. A pill muscle is The bulge of the hair is very important to know of the hair strand.
Forensic scientist students have to put all these specific structures in consideration when analyzing a hair strand at a crime scene. I think the hair follicle is a fascinating structure to look at. In the human hair structure, you have all these parts that contributing to the making of a hair strand. All my life I never thought the human hair had all these various parts to it. I thought the hair is something that grows out of your skin unexpectedly. Hair is something that I like because of the hairstyles you could put on your head. Hair is put on our body for different reasons.
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